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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Thank you SurfnSci, 86C, Charlotta and Jeg!

    @86C I am sure you will find your perfect floating pearl! I noticed that it really pays off being patient when searching...will be looking forward to seeing yours when it comes to you!

    Jeg I hope the posting issue will be solved soon and we will enjoy your wonderful pics again! Camt eait to see the Robert Wan bracelet in Hawaiian setting!

    Speaking of bracelets, ai have restrung my bubble bracelet this week, I have finally received some last Druzy pearls that I was hoping would fit there and yes, I am now happy with it, no more changes!
    Click image for larger version

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    Wishing everyone a joyful Sunday!

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    • One moreClick image for larger version

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      • eolian pearls your bubble bracelet is the bomb ! The colours of the pearls go so well together. The three purple pearls added just brighten the bracelet up without looking out of place. I have a very dark Tahitian bracelet with slight green tinge. Your bubble bracelet makes mine look dreadfully gothic


        • Your bubbly bracelet is very pretty eolian pearls. It looks marvellous with the new pearls.


          • Thank you echo and Charlotta!

            echo ;-) I love the versatility of pearls! They can be gothic and elegant and dressy and cheery and downright happy as per Charlotta’s happy bracelets! I was going for a “pick-me up” feel with my bubble and I think I got it! But I am also intrigued by the dark mysterious Ts with a hint of color, the ones you decribe, in fact that was my last purchase of this year, will share once they reach me. Seems I am always waiting for some pearlie package here
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            • eolian pearls love your passion for pearls . Your bubble bracelet certainly put a smile on me. Look forward to seeing your last purchase once it arrives. Still 3 more months to go you’re all done with pearl shopping ? Now I need to check out Charlotta’s happy bracelets!


              • Thank you echo, SufnSci and eolian! Bunny and the Traveling Pearl won’t be leaving the country anytime soon, but we’ll do other destinations if we can travel safely and take precautions.

                Eolian, the new pearl additions to your bracelet gives it a lovely punch of color! Soft, but colorful. I also really like the golden pistachio(ish) color of that pendant.


                • Originally posted by echo View Post
                  eolian pearls love your passion for pearls . Your bubble bracelet certainly put a smile on me. Look forward to seeing your last purchase once it arrives. Still 3 more months to go you’re all done with pearl shopping ? Now I need to check out Charlotta’s happy bracelets!
                  Thank you echo! You are right, I strive for impossible not buying anymore pearls in 2021! But I really got very much carried away this year so “shopping in my jewelry box” is my new mindset ( what I keep telling myself:-)

                  Luckily in December I will be going back to my hometown and I will find many of my pearls that my Mom and my sister are guardians of, always feel like mew pearls to me;-)

                  jeg Thank you! That golden pistacchio is really quite pretty. I was not too enthusiastic about it at the beginning because of the satiny luster but I do love it properly now :-)

                  This is a combination I wore to a dinner party yesterday. Earrings from Simply Adorned, and the necklace is made of labradorites, opals SSP and akoya necklace. I very much dream of those Kojima akoya&SSP pieces....Click image for larger version

Name:	7D778EB3-069E-4A6E-BA98-27C7EF2DB61C.jpeg
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                  • eolian pearls Your dinner party pearl set is fantastic! Very pretty earrings, and that necklace is fabulous - the buttery GSS contrast really well with the blue akoyas and both are so lustrous! I, too, have gotten very carried away this year in pearl shopping, despite two extended stays on Ban Island. I definitely need to shop only in my jewelry box; online "window shopping" always gets me in trouble, haha.


                    • eolian pearls very pretty combination of pearls and gemstones. I have been playing with some carved jadeit beads and pearls today. I really like the colors of the jadeit beads. I do have some very green supposedly nefrite beads. I did do a test with a knife on one of them (someone told me to do that on them. They didn't scratch. But so very green.
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	_20210921_180357.JPG Views:	0 Size:	365.9 KB ID:	456795 well that was a bad armshot. Also a bit dark. Also not carved (the super green ones), well with a pattern anyway. I prefer gemstone beads that are carved, adds texture.


                      • Lovely pearls all ... Eolian, that dinner party set is sparkly and very "party" in real life, I bet ... and love that satiny pistachio! Charlotta, always inventive and creative; I really like those carved jade bracelets ... so nice to mix with pearls



                        • Thank you CathyKeshi. I have some more pearls and jadeit mixed pieces to share soon. Just need good light.


                          • Thanks everyone and especially Douglas, for all the support! Trying again after Douglas has made a few more adjustments...

                            The bracelet of Robert Wan pearls is about the only thing I took to Hawaii with me, besides the Traveling Pearl. Took a pic on the beach during my early morning walk. The second pic has Tahitian posts I bought in Hawaii several years ago, and I brought the small abalone shells home with me after having the abalone meat for a snack.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	71B57BF7-8D9A-41F0-850C-20BB7D357110.jpeg
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                            Well, one out of two... I guess my iPad is just not in sync with this site.


                            • O wow jeg this pic is a treasure...Abalone shells are one of my favorites and that Robert Wan bracelet is just exquisite!
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                              • Thank you SurfnSci, Charlotta, Cathy Keshi!

                                SurfnSci Oh the online window shopoing! I keep unfollowing and following again different pearly IGs...so many temptations out there...
                                CathyKeshi you are right, the labradorites are super sparkly in the evening! A fun party necklace!
                                Charlotta your jadeit pieces are lovely and again an inspiration for me!
                                jeg So happy to see you post again! Your Robert Wan bracelet is fabulous! What a lovely picture with the abalone shells! Amazing colors there!