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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • rokor Your akoyas are gorgeous and what a great pairing with your dark suit. You look amazing!

    jeg Your new GSS are sooo beautiful (are they possibly the ones from Bunny's first pic that I was drooling over?). And that Tahitian tin cup is simply fantastic, wow.


    • Those akoyas looks amazing with your suit rokor
      Wonderful new pearls jeg


      • Click image for larger version  Name:	F837F45F-FDFE-4B53-8A38-09AF4414DFD7.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	187.8 KB ID:	455551Oh Jeg of course you came home with some lovelies!!! The goldens are exquisite! And the tin cup is such a pretty piece, you will surely have fun layering it!

        Rokor wow that is such a great look! I can just imagine how those akoyas shine against the jacket!

        My pearl friend has arrived for a full month of holidays yay!!! We are going to have many pearlie dressed dinners! Will maybe get to take a pic of her getup as well... This is mine from yesterday evening, almost all pearls are from Druzy, the earrings are from Wen.
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        • Thank you SurfnSci, Charlotta and eolian! SurfnSci, I think the golden strand by Bunny might still be calling your name. The strand I chose is in a different pic- it is layered with another golden in the pic with the green book of pearls. There were lots of beautiful golden choices! Eolian, how wonderful for you to be able to have a pearl friend with you, and for a month! I see lots of pearly dress up in your future!

          So, I could not resist this unicorn strand from Alexander Collins... A beautiful strand of blue Tahitians, collected over time from his farm... I took some pictures in different natural light by my windows. (With my usual old iPhone)
          Taken last night in the early evening light-
          Click image for larger version

Name:	AB108ED6-BA2C-44FA-9466-2DA6D1EB34D2.jpeg
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ID:	455554 Click image for larger version

Name:	EF0DEF2C-69B4-4C87-A3C1-9F6A938D4E47.jpeg
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Name:	DA86F9E1-9F67-488D-BCA6-7E0E906CD2D8.jpeg
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          • And these were taken in morning light-
            Click image for larger version

Name:	BAB9A11E-3888-4AF3-9677-991989642113.jpeg
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Name:	94868CDB-ACA6-4341-84B3-B7304DBFA730.jpeg
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	73F34E8C-23BE-4E42-B75E-65371E508F7B.jpeg
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            • Gorgeous pearls eolian pearls. And so fun with a pearl friend
              That unicorn strand is beautiful jeg .I think that I spotted that on Instagram a while ago. So pretty


              • OMG Jeg!!!!!! The Blue Unicorn!!!!!! Amazingly stunningly gorgeous!!!!! Such rich deep colors, the luster out of this world, that super blue pearl near the center... the years to put this incredible piece together....WOW!!! I am so looking forward to seeing more of these beauties here!


                • Eolianpearls: Wow, beautiful. I love the different shapes.

                  JEG: OMG, blue unicorn. That strand is unreal looking.


                  • Thank you so much, Charlotta, eolian and BWeaves! Thanks, eolian, you will definitely be seeing more pics of all the new goodies. I have the blue Tahitians from Collins Pearls, and the beautiful goldens from Kojima out for more pics. Wish I could capture the glow they are casting in the sunlight.


                    • Aeolian, LOVE the Tahitians and the Keshi mixes ... very lovely; what fun you will have with your friend in residence for a whole month

                      Jeg ... SWOON. Unicorns for sure, I hope to see those in person Congratulations!



                      • Thanks folks, I appreciate the feedback. Jeg, that strand is incredible!


                        • EDIT : Repost


                          • Click image for larger version

Name:	3FFDC234-A74C-4090-9DA6-F0AA9E707933.jpeg
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ID:	455618Thank you allfor your kind compliments! Turns out I received yet another pearl package...slowly all my pearls are coming to me from all over the world :-)

                            These are Robert Wan keshis from Pearlescence. Very happy with them, I know I will have so much fun with these, orbit clasp and some colorful Beaders’ secret thread... and lots of layering or braceleting :-)

                            I also got pair of aubergine earrings, these are also Robert Wan from Wendy. I needed another pair for my Mom as the more blue aubergine pair is staying right here with me and objectively the greener peacocks go much better with her necklace...These are button sit perfectly on the ear and couldnt be a win win for everyone ( My sister got the original original blue pair from Wendy;-)))))
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                            • Eolian, wow. Gorgeous additions to your collection.


                              • So fun to see everyone's new purchases and creations! Eolian, you must be over the moon that your packages are finally arriving. I particularly like your small keshi and large pearl necklace. And I can't wait to see what you and your pearl friend get up to while she is visiting.

                                jeg, thank you for the photos of your Kojima visit. It's almost like being there in person. And what lovelies you picked up! Finally, the blue unicorns...what a unique color they are, and how cool that they were collected over a period of time. So glad you were able to get them.