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NATURAL Oyster Pearls Baja California / Mexico

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  • NATURAL Oyster Pearls Baja California / Mexico

    Hello, I would like to learn more about these pearls :

    This type of pearls : do they come from Pteria sterna as those cultivated in Mexico gulf ?

    Sure one of you will know...


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    They use a lot of text to say: "These are 6 Natural Pearls from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico". As with all these "Natural Pearl Finds", just make sure the source is reliable...if not, ask for a Certificate issued by a trusted Gem Lab: SSF, GIA, AGTA, the one you trust or know...or if you have a friend that KNOWS about pearls.

    The pearls are too "white", they might be Pinctada mazatlanica pearls if these are indeed from the Sea of Cortez. Remember: all Sea of Cortez pearls glow pink-red under UV light (other pearls don't glow red, they are inert), so this is like a Natural Certification.

    Because of their size and shape they could be natural. But very hard to tell with the small photos. I cannot discern the variety of oyster that produced the pearl if the photo is bad...and I'd rather have the pearl between my fingers for accurate results.