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Jacqueline in a black pearl rope

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  • Jacqueline in a black pearl rope

    About a month ago Jacqueline of the website approached me and asked if she could style a piece from my site. I'll admit I was surprised she picked the black pearl rope but who am I to tell a fashion blogger what to wear .

    As well there is a video on youtube where she talks about the outfit:

    Her original blog post is here:
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    That is one awesome rope! Love the black with the white pearls


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      The pearls and the outfit are smashing!


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        Well, there you have it - start with pearls and style around them! Wake up, say "hmmm, I feel like it's a dark-pearl day coming on" go to the closet for the dark-pearl outfit pieces...and frankly, it goes right with my philosophy of the more pearls the better, although I wish I had a bottomless purse to go with the endless wish list. I bet young pearl buyers everywhere feel the same way, once they get to see the good stuff!

        I love it that youngsters are seeing pearls as wardrobe staples. It immediately makes them more interesting, gives them depth.
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