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have you ever noticed that Angelina Jolie often wears pearls

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  • have you ever noticed that Angelina Jolie often wears pearls

    In the red carpet photos from the venice film festival she's wearing a white three strand necklace. I have no idea what type of pearls they are but I've also seen her in South sea pearls.
    I wonder where she buys her pearls? Maybe designers just give them to her.

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    I have noticed her in several different Tahitian strands over the last year or so. As for where she buys them, she doesn't - stars on her level simply get merchandise sent to them continually as "gifts".


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      'Guess we'll never know... about those gifts. Besides, if you could buy nearly anything, why wear what other folks dump on you out of their own interest rather than any kind of consideration? Oh well...

      Anyway. The thread made me curious to see them pearls! And after some search found a bunch of good pictures with only small amounts of passable gossip (as opposed to the other way around).

      HERE they are

      The pearls look classic and uneventful. Dress fits tattos! And those certainly seem to have gotten more attention than the pearls anyway.


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        Yes thats the necklace I was talking about. It's all the way down at the bottom of the page.
        Thanks for posting the link
        I know it's nothing unusual I just find it interesting that she chooses to wear pearls so much. Most celebs wear lots of diamonds ( although she seems to have those too).
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