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Men's Bracelet - need ideas

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    I must say I like it as it is, but since the client wants a jazzier version, two of the ideas mentioned earlier - inset diamonds (say, on one or three of the pearls) and a black-finish clasp - would be my preference.

    I do wish someone would come out with nicer necklace clasps, though. A pretty clasp can be turned to the side for a more festive look. I have despaired of finding any really lovely pre-made ones so now I'm looking into having some fabricated.



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      I have seen a lot of really great clasps at different jewelry shows, but we have never had much luck with them. They are typically quite expensive, and there are usually minimum orders to get good pricing (50 pieces is more or less standard). We have had many styles that just sit in inventory for a few years. There is, however, a new company out of Israel that I have been speaking with, and they are considering letting us sample the collection to develop a "movable" line. So... eventually we may add something a bit more exotic.
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        Never thougth of the black diamonds. I was goign for a more subtle, do not need to do much approach... Black diamonds one or two would be a great effect!



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          I know that this bracelet is for a man's style. But I really like this one. Why is it just for a man? Because of the clasp? The pearls may be big for me but if they are a little smaller this is a good piece for a woman I think.


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            Hey Martina,

            The bracelet is actually a unisex design, I just happen to be adding the black diamonds to a bracelet for a male customer. We make the lady's version 7.5" and the men's version 8.5mm.
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              I have saw the piece on your webpage but it hasn't an option for the size of the pearls. I think the size looks like the man's size but if there is a smaller one this is good for a woman too.

              Do you only make this one with black tahitian pearl? I think this would also be beautiful with gold pearls.


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                Poor Martina you are having such a hard time finding golden pearls which are not south sea aren't you? Have you seen Jeremy's baroque south sea pearls? http://www.pearlparadise.com/Golden-...-Necklaces.htm They might bridge the price gap between perfectly spherical south sea and the golden freshwater for you.

                Make sure they suit your skin tone and colouring before you buy - the golden or yellow colour looks totally hideous on me. I'm talking blonde blue eyes pale skin.

                The lovely Tahitian bracelet is on my wish list to match my baroque Tahitians from Amanda. However I do think it should be slightly cheaper for us girls as we will probably getting a couple of pearls less than the guys!



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                  Originally posted by PearlsOfJoy.com
                  ya I'm looking into getting some rondelles with black diamonds and also a toggle clasp with black diamonds incorporated. If this pans out I'm gonna have to make myself one - I love the idea of black diamonds and Tahitians.

                  Hi Kevin,
                  I hope You will let us see the final result in a photograph here on the Forum.
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