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Miley Cyrus Spreading Lies about Pearls and Pearl Farming on Instagram

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    Originally posted by CortezPearls View Post

    Bumped into his thread looking for information (this forum has LOADS OF INFORMATION!) and I had to weigh in my comments...even if years have passed and poor confused Miley is not vegan anymore. I guess she would have to "eat her words".

    In case most of you don't know...I follow a Vegan Lifestyle (no animal products, and only the leather I purchased years ago) but since I work with pearls I am not considered a true-Vegan by "real, actual Vegans" and this is something I don't really care about...being "labeled" by others.
    Funny how things work out! I'm a vegan now too, lol!

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      It's funny how Life just seems to does it go? "God works in Mysterious Ways" (ever the trickster! )
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