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Galatea ring longevity

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  • Galatea ring longevity

    I'm looking into having a Galatea Diamond in a pearl engagement ring and can't find much info. No one brags about their beautiful ring online!

    I just wanted someone with experience to tell me how safe this setting looks.

    choice 1

    choice 2

    choice 3

    I have a rough job so I probably would only wear in office and on weekends, but I'm still weary of having a pearl, these are fresh water according to site selling them.

    I'll be taking a trip to a jewlers who sells galatea soon, but I wanted the opinion of someone who isn't selling it to me.

    Any opinions on pearl rings in general are welcome, I've read many good stories of pearl being in the family for generations, but no real horror stories, only warnings.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I think they are beautiful. Take a chance!


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      Hi FMP,

      Not able to find the specific rings for some reason--but Chi is a remarkable artist, and I feel you will love his work even more in person! He is a member here, but has not posted recently. You can find his posts under Chi Huynh. (under members, then under statistics, find all posts.)

      Totally agree with GemGeek, take a chance!



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        That is what my heart keeps telling me, my head just wanted to check!

        And I did see Chi's post on here, after I posted, made me want the ring even more! What a cool guy! And what a creative mind! Thanks for your input. It was much appreciated. There are always anniversary rings to replace it after a while, might ask for another Galatea then, think this jeweler crush is for life!


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          I just went into my local jeweler's today to have my rings checked and clean. They have carried Galatea for several years now and I love his work! I did try a couple of rings on just for fun while I was waiting on mine and they would make a beautiful engagement ring.

          Please come back with pictures...
          The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had to courage to start." John Bingham

          May you have the courage to start! Julie


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            Hi FM
            Welcome. Glad you posted that question; you got the responses I expected to see.

            I was surprised he used freshwater pearls at first, because i am most familiar with his carved pearls, but, of course, CFWP are the best for a ring because 1. they are solid nacre. 2. solid nacre pearls are more bouncy by nature. I mean like a wood floor has more "give" compared to a cement floor. The wood is more resilient, it bounces you back. One of his carved Tahitians would be far less resilient for a ring.

            How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

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