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A mini Pearls By The Bay

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      So many beautiful pearls AzFlyGirl and beautiful photos


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        Thank you Charlotte!!

        Having trouble uploading many photos. Too big and rejected. Could only post some of them. Will try again later.


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          Beautiful pearls, beautiful people! It looks like a fun time!
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            It was wise of the organizers to cancel the big event this year. Unfortunately, we didn't do the same with my husband's family mini reunion in the Florida panhandle. Now four of the 11 who attended have Covid, including me. We were all vaccinated, thought we were being safe, but alas.. .Fortunately, no one is seriously ill and none of most vulnerable of the group has it. They had their boosters and were less active than the rest of us.

            My symptoms are just that of a bad cold and I seem to be bouncing back fast.

            But I will say, we enjoyed each other's company and it was good to see folks after such a long time apart.

            I made each of the women a simple Tahitian leather necklace with slip knots and they were delighted to have them.

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              Oh Lord! Thank you for sharing these! Wish I could have been there.
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