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How to remove a broken pearl setting

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  • How to remove a broken pearl setting

    Hi lovely ladies,
    I have a broken pendant, and now a piece of the pin is stuck inside the pearl. How can I remove it to redesign the pendant?
    I search but did not find any way that helps. I appreciate any input.
    Thank you.

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    If it is stuck inside the pearl, you will need to drill it out with a metal drill.
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      What type of Pearl is it, solid cfw or a bead-nucleated pearl? A bead nucleated pearl makes for more hazards.

      Or, I think Wendy(?) at one time suggested drilling another hole nearby and using a cap setting. I think drilling it out was considered a potentially damaging endeavor, and frustrating time-waster.

      I’ve tried hand-routing around a broken-off pin (amateur hour, I’m no pro) and just made a frustrating messy bigger hole.
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        Thanks lisa c and Lady_Disdain for your advice. It is a WSS pearl, really a big one . I guess it is my bad luck as I do not have a drilling machine.


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          Hello Thysa

          My strong advice is to seek out a competent bench jeweller, or pearl driller, and have the post drilled out.
          Drilling out “is” quite a skilled activity and not for the faint hearted.

          I have over the course of my career done my fair share of drilling out such broken posts. It’s not the kind of activity or process you can simply put in words, it’s a hands on experience/touch/sight/feel ( and sometimes smell - no joke) type of work.

          I prefer using spade type drill bits for this type of drilling.

          And lastly, I am taken aback at double drilling, for me it should be an action of last resort. Preserving the integrity of the pearl should come first.


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            Hey, Bernadette, excellent advice. I’m glad you put in your opinion about double drilling at the end, because as I was reading your response, I wondered what you thought about it. And there it was!

            I’ve had 2 pearls with broken findings. One I could shrug about, but the other I like too much to write off, but haven’t had the courage to drill a new hole.

            (that Hey, is meant as the southern region USA ‘Hello, so glad to see you!’.)
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              G’day to you, that brought a smile to my dial :-)


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                That’s so cool! I’ve never heard Smile to my dial before!