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Favorite Types of Pearls?

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  • Favorite Types of Pearls?

    The more I read and learn, the more confused I get. Thus is the way for me when I learn anything new. This forum is wonderful! Iíve been reading and reading and reading some more.

    When I first arrived here, I thought I was an akoya gal. But then..... SS and Tahitian entered the picture.

    What is your favorite kind of pearl and why?

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    My favorite seems to be whichever I am wearing at any given time!

    If I ask myself which I would be sorriest to lose (because hardest to replace with the same size, shapes and tone) it would be my golden south sea pearls. But my Tahitians and my white pearls of all kinds go better with more of my clothes, so are worn a bit more often. And I just love the colors and orient in some of my freshwaters.

    I think the best solution is to own a variety of pearls.


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      A variety is a good way of looking at it. I like that. 😃

      I suppose I thought people were in different ďcampsĒ when it came to their favorite and would only buy one or two types. Variety is good.


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        I'm kinda with Pearl Dreams on this one. I really don't know if I can choose a favorite, but the ones I think are maybe a half notch above the rest are my blue akoyas. They are just so pretty to me!


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          I started out as strictly a white, akoya girl. And no baroques. I thought big pearls looked like gumballs.

          Fast forward and now I have PSS, Pearl Shrinkage Syndrome. Now the small ones look weird to me, but I still love small pearls because they are more comfortable to wear, and I can layer them up.

          I like the baroques because they have better color and look more real because they are all unique. I love my blue akoyas best because of the amazing color. I didn't like Tahitians until I found the right ones, and now I'm in love. I didn't like South Sea pearls until I got some gorgeous ones, and now I'm in love. I was iffy on ripples until I got some Kasumi and some good Chinese ripples, and now I'm in love. They keep improving freshwater pearls to the point that they are an amazing value, with a variety of looks.

          Pearl is just my favorite gem and always has been going back to when I was a child.


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            BWeaves, I think your experience demonstrates what I have found to be true for me-- that finding "the right ones" is key.

            LittleRed, look at a lot of pearls (and for most of us, this will mean looking at a lot of photos), take note of what pleases your eye (size, color tone, shapes, length etc.) as well as what doesn't particularly excite you. If you can, try on pearls in jewelry stores, to get an idea of how different sizes, shapes and colors look against your skin. When you find pearls that excite you, buy them!

            Then be ready to send them back if they don't work out. Pearls are hard to photograph, especially overtones, and monitors differ in how they show colors also. You don't want to accumulate a drawerful of pearls you don't care about enough to wear. For this reason you will want to be aware of different vendors' return and refund policies before you buy.

            This is also true for brick and mortar stores. Someone earlier this year posted that he had bought his wife a pearl necklace at a Mikimoto store, which she didn't want. When he tried to return it he found the store would only give him store credit. Know the refund policy before you buy.

            I think this is a great time to be buying pearls. There are more kinds of cultured pearls available than there were a few decades ago, like Fijian pearls and Cortez pearls. South Sea and Tahitian pearls cost a lot less than they did in the 80s and 90s, and freshwaters keep getting better and better. Even in the case of akoya pearls, there is now the option of buying the silvery-blue ones, which not that long ago were not readily available to consumers.

            I suppose this complicates deciding what pearls to buy, but in a good way. Give me more options rather than fewer options, any time.


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              What great replies! Thanks!

              Iím clearly at the beginning of the process. Round and not too big are what attract me at the moment, though SSPs and Tahitians have caught my attention.

              I think Iíll stick with Pearl Paradise at first because so many here seem to like and trust this seller. Iím aware of the others, but will start with purchases from this one.

              Thank you so much! Your replies really help.
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                Thanks for sharing!

                I'm going on 62. My daughter is a college senior and keeps me young-thinking, but the mirror shows me someone who is mostly gray. Silvery pearls are a bit too much silver! White is okay but it needs to be bright white, not grayish. I prefer Tahitians with more color.
                (To clarify I distinguish between silver as a body color, as in silver Tahitians (which is too gray for me) and silver as an overtone of white pearls (which to me makes them look whiter against my skin.)
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                  Your home sounds incredible!

                  I like and can appreciate most pearls but I’m a Tahitian girl at heart. It’s the crazy overtones and variation of colour that appeals to


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                    I've been here a long time..and was always bigger is better..and natural colours. Ripples good.
                    Until I fell for a strand of natural white round freshwaters 9-10 in september
                    Pearls will always surprise you
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                      Haha! I love it! ďTry them allĒ and ďmy interests will changeĒ seems to be the way to pearls. Iím looking forward to the adventure. 😃

                      As a newbie, Iím afraid I can only offer questions here rather than anything helpful. Though I do have a few pearly things I can share. Iíll do that soon.

                      Thanks everyone! You are all very helpful.


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                        I like to try them all as well and find that I get absorbed into a type of pearl for a while. But I love naturals (wild) pearls and keshi the most - I really enjoy the variety of baroque and interesting shapes, colors, and lusters that you can't get with perfectly round pearls. My personal goal is to collect one nice quality natural pearl from as many species as I can and create a harvest necklace (not a strand).
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                          Tahitians all the way for me...I love every pearl, however Tahitians are my main focus. I especially love wearing them with gemstones. For me, it's about the variety of colors, shapes, and textures.
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                            Personally... I love crazy colours .... like this ....


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                              London Pearl, that is gorgeous!
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