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Our Visit to Agustus - Eastern Trade Winds in Bali

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  • Our Visit to Agustus - Eastern Trade Winds in Bali

    I have long been a fan of Agustus - Eastern Trade Winds, which operates out of Bali.

    In the past I have purchased beautiful South Sea pearls, including a stunning 14mm white SS that I had made into an amazing ring.

    When I knew that I was going to be in Bali to visit the Atlas Pearl Farm, I wrote to Sven at Agustus to set up a time for a visit. As it turned out, our visit was scheduled for our last day in Bali, as a stop on our way to the airport in Kuta. They don't have everything on site, so Sven asked what, in particular, we wanted to see. I asked to see the SS pearls, the gemstone rondelles, and, for my husband, the antiquities.

    At the appointed time, we made our way to the door. And, what a door!

    0A1 20170519_112258.jpg

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    Closer look at the sign on the door.

    0A2 20170519_112303.jpg

    It was a bit before they answered, so I wandered about taking a few photos. Next to the door was a balcony, with a few small temples. These are everywhere in Bali.

    0A3 20170519_112323.jpg

    Looking back at my husband waiting next to the door. Eastern Trade Winds is on the fourth floor, but, for once, there was also an elevator.

    0A4 20170519_112358.jpg


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      We entered and met Sven. We also met his partner, Edi, who was the antiquities collector, and took charge of showing us the wares. Edi's primary home is in Thailand, and he is a German who has been living and collecting in the Far East for 36 years.

      There were a couple of large tables, in a bright and air conditioned room, covered with gemstones, pearls and antiquities. I don't have a photo from before we began sorting, so the items we liked best are in front. But these should give you an idea.

      0A5a IMG_1552.jpg

      0A4b 20170519_115900.jpg

      0A5a 20170519_115921.jpg


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        I looked over the pearls and the rondelles, but what caught my eye were the four packages of Tanzanite beads. These were from a single strand, but had been broken apart by size to make them easier to sell on eBay. I took them all.

        0A5b IMG_1552.jpg

        The next item to catch my eye was a 22kt gold Bali granulated pearl pendant bale set with Tanzanite. You see it in the package, and I'll try to get a better picture in a few days.

        Next were the two strands of South Sea keshi, that had been separated by color. I couldn't decide which I liked best, so I took them both.

        0A11 20170525_122308.jpg0A12 20170525_122533.jpg
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          Finally, there was an amazing pendant made of Australian boulder opal, sapphires, rubies, diamonds, pearls and gold. I asked the price, and when Edi told me, I didn't hesitate. This remarkable pendant came home with me as well.

          0A10 20170521_184649.jpg


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            I passed on a pair of amazing tourmaline crystal pendants. You can see them near the top of one of the photos above. They were stunning, but it was time for my husband to go shopping. He chose a couple of figures, a round antique bell, a long hairpin, and a couple of seals.

            0A5c IMG_1552.jpg

            0A6 20170519_120448.jpg


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              Edi looks pleased with our choices.

              0A8 20170519_124715.jpg

              He invited my husband to hold the most expensive piece on the table, an antique Cambodian statue valued at $24K.

              0A9 20170519_124711.jpg

              It was a most successful shopping trip, and a great way to end our visit to Bali.
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                Talk about a Grand Finale!! Red "took them all!" How amazing to see and hold such treasures, well done, you two!!



                SO MANY PEARLS, SO LITTLE TIME----


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                  Oh wow. I love the doors. It's like you're entering an Elven stronghold. What beautiful pieces.

                  Thank you for taking us along on your trip!


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                    Originally posted by pattye View Post
                    Talk about a Grand Finale!! Red "took them all!" How amazing to see and hold such treasures, well done, you two!!
                    My jeweler has been texting me all day with pictures of gold findings in Las Vegas for setting with the Tanzanite.

                    Thank you, Pattye. It was a grand finale, indeed. It was a tight race, but my husband outspent me, by just a tad.


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                      Originally posted by BWeaves View Post
                      Oh wow. I love the doors. It's like you're entering an Elven stronghold. What beautiful pieces.

                      Thank you for taking us along on your trip!
                      You are welcome, BWeaves. At one point I asked about what Edi might keep at home, and he showed us the amazing photos of his home in Bangkok. Beautiful statutes, entire rooms clad in carved antique wooden walls, and a stunning view of the river and the city from his apartment window on the 40th floor. That was a treat as well. My conclusion is that he has done very well in his collecting career.


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                        Ahhhh, what a wonderful way to end the trip!!! Antiques and gems! And south sea pearl keshi!!! My gosh, they are beautiful!!!

                        I also have to comment on the table and doors. Gorgeous wood and woodwork!


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                          Oh, what glorious treasures, Red! How wonderful your hubby got some too I love every piece; the tanzanite beads are incredible. My heart belongs to the 2 keshi SS strands (not surprisingly lol). One looks all but, or identical to one Sven had on eBay and his website for a while (the one with the mixed colors). I looked at that strand so long, and never having purchased, always hesitated ... no longer, and now I have a new item at the top of my wish list. THANK YOU for the report!



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                            I love this! And wow those tanzanite beads are amazing...I was actually considering using tanzanites instead of the aquas I used in my "birthday" necklace. My brain is on overload with the inside strand of pearls and those beads. Thank you so much for sharing!!!
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                              The opals caught my eyes and heart, wow, wow, wow!