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New Adoptions, DC Mini Ruckus, Infinity Rooms and MORE!!!

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  • New Adoptions, DC Mini Ruckus, Infinity Rooms and MORE!!!

    Hey Ladies!!! I have been rather behind on PG, and have a bunch of new things to share! As the thread title indicated, there will be adoptions, a mini ruckus in DC with the fabulous Battah, and Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room exhibitions in the Hirshhorn Museum in DC! This will be a long thread.

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    First, another new adoption from our amazing Sheri!!! Some of you have seen this little guy on her FB postings already: “Inspired by the incredible and totally natural colors of this Sea of Cortez pearl from the farm of my friend Douglas McLaurin, a very special ring for a very special customer, made of 18K gold. One of my tiniest octos yet...”

    And here is her official debut on PG! OMG LOOK AT IT!!!!! The amazing #erotochromatic colors of the mabe, the teensiest of the baby octos (also with a SoC keshi head), and the amazing hand casted setting! I am so in love with it!

    Hello! Baby Octo Ring getting acquainted with the family. SQUEEEEEE!!!!


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      Now the DC Mini Ruckus – one of my best girlfriend Cheryl wanted to trek down to DC for the Yayoi Kusama exhibition for her birthday, so down we went. Pinged Battah to meet up, and the Octo Ring arrived shortly before the DC trip, so of course I brought it along on a road trip. WHEEEEE!!! Octo tours DC!

      Haha is Octo allowed to drink? I had to check in with Sheri, I think she is ok with it!


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        I’ve been a Yayoi Kusama installations fan for a long time now, started with a visit to the Whitney in NYC a couple years back. The infinity Mirror room was one of my favorite of all time.

        She has 6 different installations on exhibition at once at the Hirshhorn Museum in DC, which has NEVER been done before. So Cheryl and I knew we had to roadtrip to DC. It is one of the most attended exhibition of ALL TIME, and the wait was daunting. The Museum only gave out fixed number of tix a day, so Cheryl and I lined up at 7:30am for 10am Museum opening, and made it into the exhibition at 11am.

        Battah joined us for the exhibition. When we finally had the tickets in hand, we screamed and danced. I sang and trotted my way from the ticket booth into the gallery. Lol Battah thinks I’m crazy, but I swear I am not normally/always like this!


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          1st Infinity Room: Love Forever, 1966/1994

          2nd Infinity Room: The souls of millions of light years away, 2013

          3rd Infinity Room: Dots obsession – love transformed into dots, 2007

          4th Infinity Room: All the eternal love I have for the pumpkins, 2016

          5th Infinity Room: Phalli’s field, 1965

          6th Infinity Room: Aftermath of obliteration of eternity, 2009

          The Final & Exit Room: Obliteration Room

          Can you spot the baby octo ring on my finger in the various pictures? LUUVVVV!
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            Some other pics from the exhibition:

            Oh heeeyyyy, awesomeness spawned by the baby octo ring?

            Haha I have MANY more of these pictures.


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              After the Exhibition, we had a proper little mini Ruckus meal. Obligatory playdate with the new baby turtles Battah recently adopted from Sheri right before my baby octo ring. I am SO IN LOVE with the turtles!!! I mean look the the turtles and the octo ring together!!! I have already put myself on the list with Sheri for baby turtles.

              Battah also brought along some of the new pieces and metal clay techniques she has been experiment with. These designs are based on henna designs and hand casted. I’m so glad she did since I’ve been stalking her pieces on Instagram, couldn’t be more excited! Haha I snatched the prettiest piece (IMHO), but she is making more pieces and they will all be available on Etsy soon!


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                Two pieces by such amazing and talented PG ladies – I am loving my new adoptions!

                Of all my epic posts, this has got to be the most epic of them all! Phew!


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                  Wonderful, Purranha!!!!!! I wouldn't even know where to begin ... your ring, Sheri's delightful family cast of characters, the visiting turtles, Battah's new castings! ... and the mirror rooms. What a delightful adventure! Our cousin is a Smithsonian supporter and snagged 2 tickets to a private evening showing last week; she said it was fabulous! We've been living with her off and on since early January, to help her as she's a new widow; why oh why did we pick last week to be back home in PA instead of DC suburbs lol? THANKS for the eye candy and the photo tour



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                    Hooray so glad you posted!! Hanging out was so much fun, I'm so glad it worked out! For the record, guys, Purr is even cooler in person, if you can imagine. It was so great checking out the exhibit (and many thanks for snagging tickets, no way I could have done it), and even greater getting a chance to hang out.

                    The SoC/octo ring is absolutely.gorgeous. The colors are just wow, and the tiny octo is adorable and delicate and just lovely. Such a fun mini-Ruckus!
                    Instagram: @LiliasTreasures


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                      Wow, it looks like your ladies had a fabulous time together! I'm overwhelmed with the awesomeness of your sweet octo-ring, the exhibit, the SoC turles, battah's creations, the exhibition rooms, etc, etc. You ladies look lovely! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us!


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                        Looks like you guys had an amazing time! Love the photos, love Sheri's creations and Battah's awesome clay metal work!

                        Oh yes, and those infinity rooms are insane! I hope the exhibition comes to Australia!
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                          Wow that exhibit is amazing !! Looks like you had a fabulous time !!


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                            Wow, what a great adventure! So many fun and gorgeous pearly items to share! Thanks for all the photos!



                            SO MANY PEARLS, SO LITTLE TIME----


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                              What a wonderful thing to share! These photos of your adventure are absolutely amazing. The jewelry is pretty cool too! Wonderful...