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  • Natural Pearl Ring

    Hello everyone,

    I have a pearl ring that my family from South Korea owned since the 1930s. Recently, it was identified by GIA as a Natural Pearl. I am curious to know what It might be worth but having a difficult time finding a qualified appraiser. I live in Southern California now and prefer someone nearby. Can anyone recommend a natural pearl expert? Also, if I decide to sell, how best to accomplish this?

    Thank you

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    Hello ckr2009 and welcome to our pearl loving forum!
    Hope we can be of help here...

    How big is the pearl? Larger than 10 mm? What about shape?

    My advice: if the pearl is smaller than 8 mm and baroque shaped, don't bother looking for an "important buyer", but if it is large (10 mm or over), with great shape (round or drop shaped) and very beautiful (great luster, chockful of orient, clean surface) then it might be worth looking for one.

    With enough photos and a size of the pearl (will not ask for weight, since it is still set on the ring) I can give you an estimate. Do you know the origin of the pearl (country)? What does the GIA report say? You could post a photo of your report here.
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	GIA-Rpt.jpg
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ID:	457431 Click image for larger version

Name:	Pearl-Ring-1.JPG
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Name:	Pearl-Ring-2.JPG
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Name:	Pearl-Ring-3.JPG
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ID:	457430 It is 10.64 X 8.87 X 5.56 mm. Attached are the GIA report and photos. It probably originated from Korea or nearby countries. There is a small plugged drill hole on the side and I am guessing it was from the original setting (pendant or broach) before mounting it to a ring.