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    BAS, what a great collection you have! I like your most spectacular fireball the best, but I can see how it might be unsuitable for everyday wear if you're running around a lot. How big is this one, as well as your "goddess" pendant? The "goddess" looks good for daily wear.

    And can you describe their colours and overtones?


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      I don't have the measurements on hand -- if you want me to measure do you want the width at the widest, or the length at the longest? Or both?

      As far as colors -- you can see for yourself in the photos. Fire Goddess has pinks and golds and greens and Pearl of the Week has silvers and blues and pinks. Every pearl looks very different in different lighting conditions and depending on what one is wearing.


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        Hi BAS, yes, it would be great to have width and length measurements for both pearls when you get the chance. Thanks for the offer.

        Actually, when I say "width" I mean how wide the spherical parts of the pearls are.
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