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Import of freshwater pearls

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  • Import of freshwater pearls

    We are a whole sale company in Sweden interested in importing freshwater pearl necklaces from China. Could someone suggest some reliable manufactures with export experience in China?

    Best Regards,

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    Import of Freshwaterpearls from China

    Hi, Ester.

    I suggest You contact Jeremy Shepherd at Pearl Paradise.com. As I understand it, it is not easy to get a good business deal without great connections. Jeremy has much experience. You could also get into contact with Amanda Raab at Pure Pearls.com.

    Good luck!

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      China freshwater pearl producer

      Hi, Ester, one of my classmate's family is one of the china's largest freshwater pearl producer, maybe i can help you with your connection. you can contact me by msn at 5timyes@gmail.com or by skype at timtim240. my email is tim5yes@yahoo.com.cn. hope i can help you


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        Hi, Ester.
        we are a branch company in Hongkong of one of the biggest pearl companies in china.if you need any help, please feel free to contact me.


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          Ah yes, Ruans! I stopped by your offices last month in Zhuji to chat about your loose pearls.
          They had a large lot of 7-8's, about 30 kilo if I recall. Separation was at about 4 levels, however, so we did not do business. Nice pearls, however - they are the real deal. Don't know about the HK operation.
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