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Ummm....long-ish necklace

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    oh, okay. I love these pearls, I've ordered loads more, they are being dyed for me now.
    I don't know if they are different to druzy I've made more, just need to process the photos
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      Wonderfully chunky and colorful!


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        Now that's a rope! It's fantastic--I love the clasp. Beautiful necklaces and bracelet too. You are very talented.


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          Oh my goodness! I hate my time zone!! Just when I'm off to bed for the night, all these gorgeous photos show up!

          Wendy - your long rope is sensational! How come nobody has asked for a neck shot yet? Come on, you know we need to see one. BTW when I knotted a 50 inch rope the other day, I found it much easier if I put the pearls on first, then did the knotting. It made me much less anxious about all that thread..

          The druzy/rosebud/granulated/whatever pearl pieces are gorgeous - they seem to be your signature item, Wendy! Nice work!

          Jeremy - still wondering what you mean by the 10 foot rope being "used as restraints". Like Blaire, I just think that sounds a touch kinky. Would love to know what's in store for those pearls...


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            Originally posted by jshepherd View Post
            We are looking into making a 10-foot strand for a customer now. She wants us to create a piece that Kiki De Montparnasse sells. They would be used as restraints....
            Only for tying people up? No other uses for pearls? Maybe larger size pearls ?
            If you want to explore more in the same vein, google "pearl Kama Sutra".
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              Wendy, what a lovely rope. I just wonder how much it weighs! My longest rope is a 97" and the pearl size is between 8,2 and 9,6 mm but the weight is noticeable all the time when being worn..

              I also like your other designs even though I am not into Rosebuds or Druzy pearls.


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                Oooh! Very exciting. I've always guessed those used something like SoftFlex nylon-coated steel beading wire.

                On the case of the pearl restraints I've seen, the real question is... are they actually the restraint mechanism? Or is it the fear of the Swarovski pearls chipping?

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                  Originally posted by pearlescence View Post
                  In fact down to my feet just about if round neck.
                  I didn't set out to make something that long, it just grew
                  The pearl necklace that got a mind of it's own... What do you feed it?