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Just returned from Zhuji City

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  • Just returned from Zhuji City

    Wow! Lots of changes in Zhuji City. A new hotel for starters. A new Pearl Market. Huge gate-guarded townhouse complexes. The one across from the new Pearl Market (next door to the old Pearl Market) sells for $220,000 dollars per 4 storey unit. The fact that the pearl merchants have that kind of money tell us how successful the pearl business is and how the Chinese have prospered. What I liked about the new Pearl Market is that there are conference facilities, a restaurant, gorgeous architecture and lovely marble floors. Dance music was playing and four Chinese shop owners were dancing beautifully to the music. Everyone looks so so happy in their shops at the Pearl Market. Lots of sales managers from pearl factories are opening their own retail stores. Necklace designers are selling finished necklaces with mixed results. Given the current price of gold, the necklaces that I liked had no clasps at all. But I only admired 4 out of hundreds. Well, finding four is a lot. Maybe I'm too picky or too traditional. Certainly the pearls were being combined with other stones in unusual ways. I'm still struggling with my website and the problem of how to integrate Thai gold/silver with pearls (I have a house in Northern Thailand). The news that Asia Air will have a direct flight Bangkok-Hangzhou in 5 months was welcome. This trip the Chinese taught me how to eat rice soup. I got my plate of 12 kinds of vegetables and, spoon in my left hand and chopsticks in my right, spooned up rice soup, decorated the spoon with a vegetable, then ate. Every bite was different. Nice. KFC was across the street for dinner: corn salad, iced fruit juice and spicy wings. Yum. Look for my website in about six months.

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    hi .you have been visited zhuji city of china. wow ,thats great.
    i am from zhuji city, you know shanxiahu town.
    there is have a lot of factors made pearls.our company too.

    next time .you are welcome to visited our company 。
    sanshui jewelry,just near by thepearl market.(the new building)
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