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Pearl Paradise order arrived - see photos

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  • Pearl Paradise order arrived - see photos

    My Pearl Paradise order is the story. In January I ordered the 7-8mm Freshadamas with a pair of coordinating drop earrings. The drop earrings were not for me and also (sorry to say, thought the Freshadamas okay, was not seeing or understanding the 'orient'). So, it was suggested to send both back instead of trying to match new earrings with the necklace.

    Instead I was able to exchange my order for the January special of the gem quality 8-9mm with rose tones and a pair of 7-8mm stud earrings (I did not want the earrings as large as the strand, my ears are way too small). Anyway.....

    The January gem quality strand is beautiful. The rose overtones are very nice and I really, really like the size of the pearls. I thought my ideal size would be 9-10mm (tried on strands at Macy's, and they were 9-10mm, but they were 18 inches long, maybe bigger pearls are better in a longer strand?). However, there is something very simple and yet elegant in the 16 inch strand. Personally, I think it would be just perfect if it was 17 inches, but I can live with the 16 inch strand, though it is smaller than the 16 inch jewelry store pearls that I own and have given to my daughter.

    I have pictures of the gem quality strand alone and then comparing the two strands (gem quality vs jewelry store) just for comparsion sake to show the size and lovely luster of the pearls. I tried them on me and they look nice. I do like the look!! I tried them on with a black sweater and what came to mind in a word was STUNNING!

    Anyway, just my 2c. I am happy with the purchase, wish the strand was a wee bit longer, but can live with that. I LOVE the luster of these pearls. JUST too too pretty!

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    I'm constantly amazed at other posters' pics of what they got online from one of P-G's often-referenced sources, vs. what they got at a local jewelry store, department store, etc. It really helps to see such differences show up in pictures and support the claims of high quality at reasonable prices, as otherwise amateurs like myself would have a heart attack shopping for jewels online. That's not to say other sources don't have good prices, good merchandise, etc., just that online purchases can truly be good experiences, too.

    Jody - thank you for taking the time to share and show us pictures!
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      WOW those look amazing. Thanks for posting pics and the difference between the department store and PP is obvious - I've never seen that comparison before - thanks for sharing.

      I love the size and how clean the January special pearls were - we were really lucky to grab those. Thanks Jeremy!

      Initially I thought 8-9mm would be too big for my GF but she LOVES them and likes to comment about how much bigger hers are compared to other ladies she sees - he he he...


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        Wow, the 8-9 mm gem quality pearls look so great! The luster, roundness and overtones are all so much better than those of the jewelry store strand. Great photos.


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          Amazing photos!!! Now I wish I had picked up one of those strands. Oh well, maybe they will be offered again sometime. They really look amazing compared to the store pearls. I love the rose tones being so pronounced. You took great photos.


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            Good buy! I love the Jan strand and am still thinking about it! I saved it in my wish list and noted it was out of stock very recently.
            Wishlist: 13mm GSSP earrings