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First time pearl owner Australia

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  • First time pearl owner Australia

    Just wanted to say that I have just received my white 9.0-10.0mm Freshadama drop pearl earings from Pearl Paradise,and they are so beautiful
    I am now think of getting the Freshadama 7mm -8mm for my daughter.
    I love reading all the posts on this site and have learnt a lot about pearls thank you so much.

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    Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations on your shiny new friends!


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      Welcome to the forums gailis, but be warned it doesn't stop at just one
      Kevin Canning
      Pearls Of Joy
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        Hi gailis,

        Welcome to the group. I want to echo Kevin here, it won't stop with that purchase. Welcome to the world of pearl addiction, and I see you are merrily on your way by thinking of gifts for others. I have to warn you though, if you order for your daughter you may change your mind once the package is in your hand. lol And the retailers here have lots of lovely specials to deviate from the traditional strands. I bought my first Pearl-Guide related strand back in February of this year. I have now ordered, let me count..8 or 9. And I am not even all that frequent compared to some others on here. But I love all the strands and have learned so much from all the members. I am sure you will love your new pearl craze too.


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          The 7-8mm Freshadamas are gorgeous-- mine arrived recently and love them! I've been saving them for my Christmas gift but couldn't resist wearing them to the mall last night. I stopped at Michaels and compared my Freshadamas to their best freshwaters of the same size.
          Theirs cost $280 more than mine had and had less luster.


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            More Pearls

            Just wanted to say to Kevin Canning you were right I have just purchased more pearls from Pure pearls and Pearl Paradise.
            I am hooked !!


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              HI Gailis

              I am glad you are struck by the pearl bug. There is no better "gem" than a pearl.
              Maybe you can post pictures.

              How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

              My avatar is a Sea of Cortez mabe pearl. One of a pair of Mexican handmade earrings.