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Love my PurePearls.com Pearls!

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  • Love my PurePearls.com Pearls!

    I?ve been lurking around Pearl-Guide for a few weeks trying to find a good pearl dealer. I made my first purchase with PurePearls.com two weeks ago after searching for the perfect gift for my daughter. I just have to rave! I love pearls so I couldn?t wait to see if they met my expectations. I spoke with a lovely woman who explained to me everything there was to know about Freshwater pearls. She helped me choose the Multicolor Pearl Set for my daughter and I can?t wait to give them to her for Christmas. The lady said the colors were natural and the pearls are so shiny. I have to tell all my friends about these. After seeing all the wonderful posts and pics, I knew I had to get a great shot of the pearls that really communicated how colorful and beautiful the pearls really are. The outside light seemed to be the best. Thank you PG for providing so much info and excellent references.
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