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Needing honesty in search of supplier :)

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  • Needing honesty in search of supplier :)

    Hello, I am starting this thread to open up feedback about freshwater pearl suppliers. I do realize that this topic has been sprinkled thoughout this forum. I have read many many posts and find the information here invaluable.

    I am currently incapable to travel to buy pearls. I hope to change this eventually. I am a jewellery designer from Canada and have been buying from a HK supplier for about 3 years. Recently their prices have shot up 2-3 fold and their last shipment was a disapointment.

    We buy per kilo and usually only 10-15 kg at a time. This does seem to be too many to buy via the US since I end up getting dinged by Customs and the shipping is really quite high anyway.

    I've been looking, emailing, asking for company grading charts and example pictures. Language barriers may it tricky sometimes [I can speak french put that just helps with some Tahitians ] I am not sure if I should just start posting company names here or not hmmm ?

    NOTE: just for history's sake. I do know a lot about pearls. Our website is simply a small retail site that rarely gets updated. I've been studying pearls for over 10 years, have taken GIA Pearls, have read most of this forum , have read many books and held many pearls of varying qualities and types. I adore cfwp.

    Thank you all for any comments, concerns, suggestions and thoughts,

    Pierrette d'Entremont,

    Bijoux Pierrette d'Entremont
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    I have succesfully sourced suppliers
    I have had some measure of success
    I have had no success at all
    weird Canadian...:) what's a Country Consulate?

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    Up to kilo at a time? You should source through China. If you find a good, honest supplier there you will cut your cost considerably.
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      Edit: oh, I ment we buy up to 10-15 kilo at a time.

      Thank you Jeremy, I've been looking through various supplier venues (online). How -boy this is general!- does one spot an honest supplier I've searched in Alibaba and have sent out requests for quotes to a few suppliers. Then I realized that I had to get my grading standards at par with each of them. My consulate seems only to be able to tell me if a company is valid. Then there is the issue of shipping and payment. What should I expect if I want to buy from China (Edit: in terms of shipping, payment for 1st and subsequent orders, accepting returns. I really want to stress that I'm not out to be handed supplier info. I actually like to do the research, I learn a lot that way. I just sometimes feel all alone is a big big sea of questions...)?

      NB -Has anyone noticed many A B C D grading for freshwaters lately? I'm used to A AA AAA... and the above for Tahitians. I've received a few in the past couple of weeks from China [FUJIAN, Shanxiahu]. Seperating Shape -round{A1,A2,A3} oval/rice{B1,B2} flat/symetrical{C1,C2} baroque{D}/Lustre.../Surface... Am i just missing a system here or is it that subjective?

      Bijoux Pierrette d'Entremont
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        Help for you?

        I am also from Canada (Montreal) and a pearl wholesaler and gemmologist. I also am a pearl expert and have researched a lot on this subject; I travel every year to China to buy my pearls, a minimum of 70 kg each trip. I am actually leaving in two weeks. I go myself to be able to choose from many suppliers the best merchandise they have. Each producer has a limited amount of good stuff, you must buy from several suppliers (I buy from over 30). I sell to jewellery designers, joailliers and jewellers. My mother tongue is French. Let me know if you wish for me to bring you some pearls. My prices are excellent. We can also speak on the phone. Regards, Marie


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          Thank you Marie,

          I will email you today or tomorow. Where in China do you visit? One day I would -will! yes I will - like to go! I've never gotten someone to go and buy pearls for me. I realize that if I trust this person, I would more than likely get better quality at better prices. So far, I've attempted this on my own via a zillion emails, photos, pre-invoices, pro-forma-in...,

          With the time I've spent do this I could probably have raised the money to travel to China!