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  • What do you think of these?

    I found these guys at an auction preview today and I'm curious as to your opinions. They belonged to the wife of a man that pretty much built my hometown, and so they had money for quality, that's for sure. They're marked as Kasumi, and are from either a Dutch or Belgian jeweler (paperwork is in Dutch). I've never seen Kasumi pearls like this, however I have only seen those from Kojima, and these are older (box appears ~late '50s - early '60s). Anyway, the estate is being handled by Opal's granddaughter and all proceeds are going to the Boys and Girls Club, so things are starting out pretty cheap. The opening bid on this necklace is only $100. I wish I could take better pictures, they really have great overtones and luster. They just glow. The auction is tomorrow afternoon and the question is, do I go for it? I'm not usually a fan of such colors, but with the pink and blue overtones, it actually looks quite nice in person. Note that the box shown is not the original box, but a different one I asked for them to be put in as it shows them off better.Click image for larger version

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    What an interesting necklace! Personally, I love those colors and though the overtones aren't apparent in the photos, these are in the color range for freshwater pearls, either Kasumi or Chinese. Some Kasumi pearls are smooth like these. Really curious about the document in Dutch. IMO, the pearls would be much prettier knotted on a coordinating thread.

    The clasp appears to be a newer dexterity friendly pinch style, with a post that fits into a slot. It probably doesn't add value to the necklace unless it is in karat gold. What was indicated about the clasp? It may not be the original clasp either.

    Best of luck if you decide to bid! Please let us know how it turns out! Probably you know more about pearls than anyone else bidding on them!



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      They're really pretty, I'd go for it!
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        Oh, it's for sure a replacement clasp. It's marked sterling and is a pinch style. My guess is it was replaced as Opal got older. There are a few other pieces up for auction that have obviously been modified for ease. There's also a BEAUTIFUL white gold diadem with blue opals and aquamarine. Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and bid on the pearls and let you know what happens!


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          Diadem? As in TIARA? With opals and aquas? GAHHHHHHH! I wanna see.


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            A tiara!! Msc - a tiara!

            What ever they are the price is good atm. What size are they ?
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              I will try to get pictures of the diadem tomorrow. It was so interesting and beautiful. Opal and Roger were my neighbors growing up. After Roger passed away, Opal moved somewhere else in town, but I'm not sure where. They were such nice people, they would open up their pool to all the neighborhood kids growing up. I'm actually quite shocked at her jewelry collection, as they were quite modest people. I wonder where she wore the diadem to. Maybe her wedding?


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                And they're mine! For $175! Unfortunately, I did not see the diadem again, so I didn't get any picture


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                  Well, somebody got a gorgeous tiara, I'm sure. Congratulations on your new necklace. WE WANT NECK SHOTS, please!


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                    Congratulations! Photos please!


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                      How exciting! Can't wait for the RL photos !!


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                        Click image for larger version

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Name:	20161113_105028.jpg
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                        Sorry for the delay, I've been super busy apartment hunting. Which is a lot harder than you would think to do overseas! Here are some quick neck shots. Don't mind my pajamas. One is in direct light and the other indirect. I'm still a horrible photographer, they really do look better in person!


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                          Whoa! Upside down!


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                            Here you go!

                            Click image for larger version

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                            Click image for larger version

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                            They look lovely on you!


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                              I agree. Those glorious golden pearls have found a great home!