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"Gem" quality vs. AAAA quality

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  • "Gem" quality vs. AAAA quality

    I'm looking to purchase a freshwater pearl necklace on behalf of my aunt. She wants the best quality necklace I can find that's 9-10 mm white, round freshwater pearls at a 24" length.

    Not that many places currently have 24" length white round freshwater pearl necklaces at the higher quality levels (I looked at Pearl Paradise, Pure Pearls, Oriental Pearls and the Blue Nile, but they don't have any). So, I've narrowed the selection down to a Gem quality necklace at Pearls of Joy and a AAAA quality necklace at The Pearl Source. Based on the pictures they show and the definitions they give for the grades, it would appear the only difference between the two necklaces is in the luster of the pearls. The Gem quality is defined as being "supreme" luster, while the AAAA quality is defined as being "very high" luster. The financial difference is considerable - the gem quality necklace is nearly twice as much as the AAAA quality one.

    My question is, is the difference in luster worth that much of a difference in price?

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    There will be a definite difference. Pearls of Joy uses loose grade in their gem, The Pearl Source uses necklace grade. They sell their AAAA for less than it costs to make a loose grade strand. It would fall somewhere between a AA+ and a AAA at Pearls of Joy.

    Regardless of how a grading system is described, every system is completely unique because every system is created by the company that uses it. In other words, high luster means only that compared to other pearls a company carries, these have high luster so they are a high grade. AAAA at one company might not even pass AA standards at another.

    That's the primary issue with no standardized grading system. Pearls are one of the only completely noncommodified product because of this.
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      Everything Jeremy said, plus I can personally vouch for Pearls of Joy. It is a wonderful business with great customer service and exceptional pearls. The owner is actually a member here. I feel confident saying Kevin's gem grade strand will not disappoint in terms of luster versus the other (and is completely worth the extra money in my opinion).

      Hope that helps!


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        Pearl Paradise has many, many pearls in their vault that are not listed on their web site. They are just back from the trade show in Hong Kong. If you are interested in a certain length it can be made for you. Pure Pearls and Pearls of Joys will do this as well. You can request a picture of the pearls you are interested in from all three of these companies with comparison shots of the different overtones. Either call or do a chat with these companies. Their customer service is excellent.

        The other companies you listed I have listed I have no experience with.

        For me luster is at the very top of my list of what I look for in a pearl. So is it worth the price? Yes absolutely. Would I buy a lower luster pearl? Probably not.


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          Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! That helps a lot!


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            Members here love to help picking out pearls. Post lots of pictures of what you're considering. We love pictures so more the better. Happy pearl hunting


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              I am not an expert in pearl but have been in a market for Freshwater pearls for awhile. I have came acrossed many from many vendors comparing them with friends and cousin. To me, Pearl Paradise hands down can offer the best quality for its Freshadama line. I just recently purchased Metallic Freshadama necklace from PP and the pearls are STUNNING! I actually reached out to POJ for metallic pearls but never recieved a reply despite so many e-newsletter from them.

              Hope you'll find what you are looking for and dont forget to share some pictures! <3


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                Myizzkie - welcome to the P-G forum! Very glad that you ended with amazing purchase from PP that you're happy with.

                PP & PoJ are both amazing vendors and have slightly different focus on the products they carry/specialize. Both are responsive and have great customer service. I know PoJ had some server issues earlier on so lots of emails were lost in the system. I urge you not to write them off and give them a try again in the future! And you can always give them a call, too.

                And to note, I am not affiliated with any vendors here aside from being super fan and happy customer of both PP & PoJ.

                SandyMac6614 - welcome to the forum and good luck with your search! Please share your final decision/purchase!