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Hong Kong Fair: Payment and shipping of goods.

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  • Hong Kong Fair: Payment and shipping of goods.

    Hello, I own a small jewelry company based in Brazil ( I mean really small, Just me ) this year I am considering taking the flight to HK and do some pearl buying, as the dollar is, at the moment, very strong against the Brazilian Real, huge sums of money may not be at my disposal, with that in mind, other questions emerge: Payment and Shipping of the pearls. Do they( some or all venders ) take credit card, PayPal ? What are the shipping options, considering FedEx and DHL, however great, have insane handling fees and taxes in Brazil for import of pearls, ends up being 100 % of the value of the goods, when federal, state and other added fees are combined. If somebody could shed a light on the subject, It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    most of the large suppliers can take credit cards . Many of the smaller ones only take cash. Not everyone has wifi and many don't do Paypal etc. The big companies will often ship FedEx - cost depends on weight. They might also be happy to use the regular post but that might not be as secure at your end, I have no idea. I think something to consider is whether or not it's worth going if you aren't buying a lot, would Tuscon be easier ?


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      Katbran, thank you for the input, oddly enough, my pearls never went missing via regular post, e-packet and so on, which at the beginning It was what I also thought It would happen. What would a lot be ? I imagine in my case would end up being a few kgs, making the trip worth it ( in theory ). I think I might end up going either way, just wanted to get an Idea of what things are like before taking the leap. Never really considered the Tucson one, I'll look into it. Thank you.


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        put them in your suitcase then


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          Sorry , when I said a lot I was referring to money. You might only buy 10 strands and still spend 20000 easily. So it's whether the amount you are spending there and the expected profit is worth the expense of going. Sorry I wasn't clear.

          Either way you need lots of cash . Taxis, local restaurants,small stores might not take cards. Many sellers only take cash. Definitely check out Tuscon . I'm sure there are other shows in the States as well.


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            We exhibit in the Hong Kong show and most of our customers wire us the funds after they purchase the goods. We normally then Fed Ex the goods to the customer.