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  1. silverseajewelry
    I was curious about this function, so I started a group. We had a couple of lively ebay threads lately, so I thought it might be a good "support group" to start.
  2. Nerida
    Hi Michelle - no, I haven't listed on ebay yet, but want to ASAP. I have my website for my "Penelope's Pearls" label almost up and running - selling through word of mouth, markets & fairs etc.. but also have another label "Pearl Perfection" that I've used for some time for my limited wholesale business. I thought I might do some raw strands and interesting pearls from my travels.. what do you think?

    Warm regards, Nerida.
  3. Caitlin
    I missed this until now, but I think it is a great idea. Good luck! Perhaps you could invite some others to join or make a post saying you started the group.
  4. knotty panda
    knotty panda
    Holy cow! I'm so dumb it took me about 15 mins to figure out how to join! Great idea! Not an e-bay sell, but doesn't mean I'm not interested. Now what? Oh, Silversea. I found this because I had to get a close-up of your avatar. Those little pics drive me crazy. I love that piece.
  5. silverseajewelry
    Thanks for joining. I don't know much about how to admin a private group. Sorry, I've been on a pearl hiatus to take care of some other matters, but I should be back in full swing in a couple days. Thanks, knotty, I also love that piece and will be doing more like it with different kinds of bars. The one in the pic has sold and I wish I could have it back :-).
  6. waimeamomi
    Hi, I just posted my first things on eBay today, although Iʻve bought there a lot. I probably priced everything too high, but Iʻm afraid of having it go for under the price I need to get. But first someone has to bid at all. Weʻll see.
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