The PG Ruckus

  1. jshepherd
    Very cool. It is going to be a crazy weekend!
  2. waimeamomi
    OK, I'm going to be in for Friday night. Yipee!
  3. Nerida
    Thank you all for the messages and support... my father is recovering from surgery, but sadly facing a long course of chemotherapy. All very sad, and we are all hoping and praying for the best.

    I really appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers.
  4. Marianne
    Hello to the group. My name is Marianne and I,ve been a member since last fall. (Thank you Caitlin for helping me register.) I've never posted (shy and techno-challenged) but have read enough to know that I'd love to meet you all at the PG ruckonference. My credentials: Playing with and re-arranging beads of many type since age 4.. Custom jewelry design and creation for 18 years including wire wrapping, knotting, stringing and off loom weaving.. Satisfied customer of PP.. Like to knit, quilt, read and cook.
    Spoke with Steve M. this morning and that gave me the courage to post. Plan on driving down to LA for the PG gathering. (still need to make friends with my GPS, arrgh) Look forward to meeting you all and sharing our love for luster.
  5. jshepherd
    Hi Marianne and welcome to the ruckus! Call the hotel as there is a special deal for our group. Check the ruckus thread for the code.

    Everybody, don't forget to PM me with arrival and depature info, as well as the # in your group!
  6. Pearly Shell
    Pearly Shell
    I'll be there! I should be arriving in time for cocktails on Friday!
  7. Admin
    That is great! I hope you make it for dinner on Friday too!
  8. Pearly Shell
    Pearly Shell
    I just read the itinerary for dinner on Friday and it looks like I'll be there for dinner too!
    Wow, this is quite a shindig!
  9. waimeamomi
    I'm on the plane to LA. Already has a pearl encounter
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