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  1. Amrita
    Hello all! I have just created a new group for all pearl sellers who have their website stores online. I think it will be easier for people to find online sellers at one place when looking for pearl vendors at various geographical locations around the world. I hope this is useful to the P-G community and pearl lovers on the whole!
  2. pearlescence
    okay everyone, what do we do now?
  3. onlyone
    Hai all...i'm new in this group..i wish i can joint inthis forum..See you
  4. natural
    hai all..i'm new in this forum and group,,,i wish i can do the best in this forum...thanks
  5. Johanna
    Hi - I'm always looking for new and interesting designs in pearl jewelry to tempt my customers, so feel free to call me to chat at 1-877-PEARL-01 or 508-479-7116. I serve a number of young brides who like pearls but are are bored with strands, as well as older women who wnat to expand their pearl wardrobe.

    BTW, how are you finding sales in this economy? Most of my customers want sterling findings and good stuff under $100.

    Keep in touch,
  6. natural

    hai all..we meet again..i have some collection of natural pearl, i wish anyone interest of it ?

  7. pearlescence
    we don't seem to be doing much as a group....
  8. cyens
    Hi everyone! I will try to stay more active on this forum.
  9. ScoopOnline
    I keep missing out converstations....Ohh the time difference.
  10. GemGeek
    There hasn't been a post in four years, so no worries!
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