Some of the Best Threads for Viewing & Learning about SoC Pearls

  1. aalyse
    For viewing some of the finest strands:

    For some additional eye candy:

    Amazing video from the SoC website that describes the history as well as the culturing process:

    More links to come, but please also post some of your finds & photos!
  2. CortezPearls
    Our website and our blog is, there is also a channel full of videos in YouTube
  3. aalyse
    Oh definitely, Douglas! Your website is the absolute best place to learn not only about your pearls, but also about pearls in general! I especially enjoyed reading about & watching the Pearl Water Test.

    That blog post was where I was first able to gain an appreciation for pearl overtones & orient! One of the many reasons I fell in love with these pearls.
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