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  1. Thanks for the invite. I love any excuse to come down. I am a big fan of Queensland. I had a unit in Palm Cove for a couple of years. Still have access to it though. If I can ever be of any assistance my email is
  2. Gidday Mikeyy,

    I'm just working out this page. I sent you a message the other day but I sense you didn't get it.

    Thanks for your intro to us.

    You will be most welcome when ever you choose to visit us here on Turtlehead Island.

    Our tecnicion currently brings nuclei with him but I'm sure down the track we will need a supplier.

    Stay in touch, Rusty.
  3. Nice to meet you folks. I am Mike Rivers. I have been supplying nuclei to Aussie farms since 1991. Hope to get a chance to visit your farm sometime. Good luck.
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