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  1. Okay, if you do see something interesting....
    Get mm size, price, a photo if possible and a business card for the company info.

  2. Heavens, drop her at MrJ's -- I miss my mollusk! I have to go to Westwood to pick up some Scotch on Saturday, long story. Let me know if she'll be there and I might give MrJ some scotch at the same time as I pick her up. Maybe we can all drink some scotch!

    Welcome back and bon voyage!
  3. Have an awesome birthday!
  4. Where's my mollusk?
  5. Hey Mikeyy, Have you recovered yet??!!
  6. Thanks, Rocco has a new album coming out pretty soon. And the music companies are planning a big promotion. Andy McKee is just amazing on guitar. Some people are born to it.
  7. Love the music.
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