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  1. I thought of you last night. John was wearing the green sleeper. He looked like such a 'proper' child wearing it. : ) Thank you for being so kind.
  2. Hi Mary thinking of ye, are ye in a routine yet?
    Miss you on the forum.
  3. Saw you posted to day and just wanted to stop by and say "Hi". Hope everything is well.
  4. Wonderfully. It is amazing how much easier it is to start and end a piece when the holes are the same. I did buy a real cheap one and the handle broke off the first night. I hold it with pliers now. When it breaks I will definitely invest a little more.
  5. Hi, Mary how did ye go with the reamers?
  6. Bernadette, Where did you get your watch reamers? I cannot seem to find them in the states. Mary
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