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  1. Hi, Iím new here but have been interested in your posts. I love your weaving posts since I like knitting. I have a spinning wheel but have not been able to use it very often.

    Iím currently trying to come up with my pearl purchasing plan. The more I read, the more I learn about pearls AND the more feel like I know nothing.

    What drew me to contact you was a post with your 5mm pearl drop and ruby heart earrings. They are so pretty! Is there any chance you remember where you got them?

    Iím in my early 50s so itís time to really start collecting. Iíve always love stones and pearls but raising a family and college tuitions got in the way, though I do own a few pieces. Iím fairly petite and I think smaller pearls might look best on me..... so much to learn!

    Anyway, I enjoy all your posts Iíve seen. Thanks! ☺️

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