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  1. I replied to you in a private message!
  2. Hi, I bought about 150 very strange pearls at the Beijing flea market, Panjiayuan. They are irregularly sized, large, irregularly shaped, and ranging from golden to gray to pinkish white. There is sort of everything in there, but dirty and strange. I like them very much and did not pay a huge amount for them, so I will be happy even if it turns out they are not pearls. I was told they are old. An archaeologist friend says they are definitely pearls, probably from around the 1980s. The guy at the flea market says they are from Fujian province.

    So, I would love to find out what they are, and also how I can go about getting them drilled.

    I also bought a strand of cheaper white pearls that are already drilled. They are supposed to be old too. I don't understand how the dirt gets into the crevices and then can't be brushed out.

    Any help would be wonderful! I have some photos but they aren't online. Is there a way to post photos?


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