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  1. Thank you for visiting my pearl photos!
  2. Hi Pearl Dreams, hope this message gets to you.
    I was wanting a bit of advice/inspiration/suggestion from you if you don't mind me asking:
    I have an old graduated akoya strand, about 4mm to 6mm that were restrung a year or two ago, they are now too short. I'd love to know what you would do with them if they were yours?! Originally I was after some iolite beads to add to them like my reds in my avatar. I want blue as the clasp is a lovely blue sapphire (I think). I already have a lapis/fw rope so do not want lapis. I then saw that lovely rope of keshis and akoyas made by Sarah. I've been wanting to ask you for a while but keep getting distracted with other things!
  3. Thank you for your message, I am trying to reply but not sure if this is the right way! I have just started a new thread where you will see why I have such a soft spot for graduated akoyas and why I always admire your treasures so much. I also love the way you bring these poor discarded beauties back to life and wear them and enjoy them. Look forward to hearing about your next find!
    (I managed to post this message on my own visitor page when I actually thought I was replying to you - drrr!!)
  4. Thank you for all your encouraging remarks on my graduated akoya threads.
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