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  1. Hey, Girl! Happy Birthday!
    Hope it's a wonderful day for you.
  2. You have such great taste. I love all your pieces and the photos are outstanding. A little bit of peace in a busy world - perusing your pearls!
  3. Thanks for visiting my albums!
  4. I appreciate your saying that!
  5. No really. It's not just that you have retained the huge amount that you've learned (and you share it well), but that it's 100 percent accurate and not a little "fuzzy".
  6. Thanks for visiting!

    It must be hard for someone to suddenly have to learn everything she needs to know to buy wedding pearls, on a tight budget. Very high pressure. I'm glad we're here to help.
  7. Look at you - giving awesome advice and posting the perfect orient photo. BRAVO!
  8. Thanks for the birthday wishes!
  9. I'm really enjoying your exotics picture. Mine are a lot lighter, more pastel, but still pretty.
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