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    I love Tahitian pearls. I love their colors. I love their shapes. I love the beauty of the environment where they're grown. They just make me happy. I know ... all special pearls make me happy, but there is an extra-special allure with Tahitian pearls. It's ...
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    The American Gem Trade Association's Tucson Gemfair has an outstanding lineup of seminars for next year's show. Of particular interest to Pearl Guide readers is the participation of three stellar pearl experts: Betty Sue King, Gina Latandresse and Elisabeth Strack.
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    New York, NY – Nov. 2018 The Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA) has announced the U.S. winners of its 9th Annual International Pearl Design Competition (IPDC).
    On Tuesday, Oct. 30, judges Tara Silberberg ...
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    This is not a pearl.

    The giant clam, Tridacna gigas, is under attack. The rumor mill never rests on the subject of giant clam “pearls”. They are supposed to be worth millions, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Clam pearls, technically calcareous concretions, do exist. Good clam pearls most often come from ...
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    Two years ago, designer Hisano Shepherd acquired 1mm faceted lapis lazuli stones, but was waiting on the right pearls and the right settings to create a new line. When she recently found 22K gold granules, she achieved her vision: "I was thinking of the golden specks you see in lapis". ...
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    It's that time again! The 10th annual Pearl Guide Ruckus begins Friday, July 27th in Marina del Rey, California.

    Not only is this the 10th annual ruckus, but it is the biggest one we have ever had - by a factor of two!

    We are so excited to welcome Pearl-Guide members from around the world for a weekend of Pearling Fun!


    Ruckus Schedule

    July 27th

    3:00 pm – Check-in at Hilton Garden Inn, 4200 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, ...

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