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    Pearls of Joy posted a wonderful blog on Jewelmer's Flower Island and it was also published as an article in Jewelry News Asia. We are pleased to share our pictorial version of a pearl-lover's dream vacation.

    Alana and Kevin visit a Jewelmer farm.

    Alana Midlane and Kevin Canning from Pearls of Joy were at the September Hong Kong Gem Fair where they met with Jacques-Christophe Branellec at the Jewelmer booth. Jacques said that he liked what was being shared on Pearl Guide and that he had seen their pictures on the Pearls of Joy blog. He invited Alana and Kevin to attend the Jewelmer 35th Anniversary ...
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    Atelier Marisa's Marisa Goebel La Belle has a creative gift with pearls. She is well known for her patented celestial Orbit 8 earrings, but there is so much more to her style. But let's start with the Orbit 8.

    They thread through the earlobe and snap in back ...
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    Where do your pearls come from? Almost everything we consume these days we use without knowing who made it or what the process was to create such a thing.

    But when you wear a Kamoka pearl, there?s an enchanting story that comes along with it. The pearl farm prides itself on supporting the health of its tropical lagoon and creating a happy atmosphere for everyone that works there. Each Kamoka pearl brings a little of that dream-like place with it.

    Kamoka Pearl Farm is located on remote Ahe Atoll in French Polynesia about 300 miles north of Tahiti. An atoll ...
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    Federico Barlocher is an adventurous international dealer in fine gems and mineral specimens, but I like to think of him as the Melo Man. No one has more lovely Melo Melo pearls than Federico Barlocher.

    This amazing pearl has everything ? strong color and a ?ring of fire? flame pattern in combination with a semi-transparent center that displays beautiful plumes. ...
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    Hisano Shepherd, of little h, wins the Cultured Pearl Association of America International Pearl Design Contest ORIENT AWARD!

    "Orient Award- Pearl Geode by Hisano Shepherd of ...
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    Where to start? Paula Crevoshay is so multi-faceted that it is hard to sum her up. Kind. Adventurous. Beautiful. Feisty. And a remarkable jewelry artist.

    Known as the Queen of Color, Paula Crevoshay transforms colored stones into luscious jewels that are fit for ...
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    Fourth in a series by Antique Jewelry Collector Paul Royse. See the first one here.

    Antique Pearl Jewelry that YOU could own - The Victorian Period
    By Paul Royse

    The Victorian Era is named after the British Queen Victoria, and covers the period of her reign from 1831 to 1901.

    During this time the industrial revolution rapidly progressed. Gaslights, piped water, and sewage systems were installed in city homes. Stream trains replaced horse drawn passenger carriages, the telegraph replaced the mail coach, ...

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