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    China has a lot of freshwater cultured pearls that need to be sold and eBay is a great venue for sellers to display their wares. Unfortunately, over time, many sellers have gravitated to using unscrupulous tactics in an effort to compete with each other.

    eBay users believe that they are buying real Tahitian, Akoya and South Sea pearls. This hurts honest sellers and devalues the real saltwater pearls sold by jewelry stores.

    This presentation was delivered live at the Pearl Guide Ruckus in July 2016, so you will not hear the accompanying talk, but I hope that you will find it enlightening.

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    EAST PROVIDENCE, RI The Cultured Pearl Association of America Inc. has held its governing board elections.
    The elections took place during the 2017 JCK Las Vegas. Outgoing President Peter Bazar
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    Late last year Jeremy Shepherd of Pearl Paradise held a drawing to send a lucky person to Bali, Indonesia to visit a pearl farm. The winner had to be a member of Pearl-Guide and to have completed the Pearls as One on-line course. Atlas Pearls and Perfumes sponsored the winner for five days in Bali. The airfare to Bali was paid for by Pearl Paradise and ...
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    Our dear forum leader Caitlin Williams passed away last week. She loved Pearl-Guide, our members, and especially enjoyed attending the annual Pearl Guide Ruckus - a kind of sleepover party for pearl lovers.

    Caitlin was incredibly special. Smart, funny, irreverent, talented and best of all, loveable. Here are some photos of Caitlin from Ruckuses past.

    (This photo was from the last ruckus in 2016)

    The first Ruckus, or "International Consequential Pearl Guide Convention", ICPGC, was held in 2009. Caitlin responded to it this way:

    "It was great to meet you all! You my homies! I can't remember a group ever, ever, ever, that felt so much like home. I love you all! My sisters, brothers, cousins, daughters, sons, nieces and nephews. It felt like being a Hawaiian ...
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    If you can't visit the Tucson Gem Shows, you can live vicariously through this roundup of pearls and people. You won't even need the most important accessory in Tucson -- a good pair of walking shoes!

    First stop was the NAJA booth to see author Renee Newman and pick up the terrific new edition of her Pearl book. Renee's books are full of wonderful photos and her clear writing style makes gems easy to understand and appreciate. For those who want to branch out, the Exotic Gems series is perfect for credentialed and armchair gemologists, alike.

    My second stop was the AGTA show back hallway, to spend time with Jennifer Heebner, my favorite pearl-loving journalist. Okay, my favorite journalist, ...
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    For those who love gems and pearls, this book is a must-have addition to your library. The chapter on natural pearls is brand new and includes this photo of a conch pearl from a Monili bracelet that was featured in a previous Pearl Guide News article.

    Photo: Blaire Beavers

    I ...
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    When pearl farmers open a mollusk to culture a pearl, they sometimes discover a pearl that has occurred naturally. While some insist that any pearl found in a farming operation is cultured, natural pearls do form in mollusks before they are opened for the first time.

    This is not the same as keshi, small baroque pearls ...

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