• Species with Hinged Teeth

    Pinctada shimizuensis (S. K. and R. Wada, 1953)

    Common Synonyms None
    Primary Source Japan: The Bay of Shimiza in Shizuoka Perfecture
    Other geographical locations Japan and the Ryukyu Islands
    P. shimizuensis in pearls Can be cross-bred with P. martensii

    Distinguishing Characteristics

    Originally considered to be a subspecies of P. martensii, P. shimizuensis is closely linked with P. martensii. It is distinguished by its square-shaped shell, which can reach lengths up to 9 cm.

    Habitat and Ecology
    The species derives its name from the bay where it was first discovered, the Bay of Shimiza in Shizuoka Perfecture.

    P. shmizuensis in Pearls
    Because of its anatomical resemblance to P. martensii, it can be crossbred with the Japanese Akoya.

    Pinctada nigra (Gould, 1850)

    Common Synonyms P. atropurpurea (Dunker, 1852)
    P. flexuosa (Reeve, 1857)
    P. sheepmakeri (Dunker, 1872)
    P. reentsii (Dunker, 1872)
    P. tristis (Dunker, 1872)
    P. natalensis (Jameson, 1901)
    Primary Source Outside the Tropic of Capricorn from East Africa to South Africa
    Other geographical locations Indo-Pacific Zone
    P. nigra in pearls Inferior and historically used in medicine and decoration

    P. nigra pearls are rare and generally inferior. They were likely used historically used for material medica and inexpensive decoration. They are most often found in South Africa.

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