• Pinctada anomioides (Reeve 1857)

    Location and History
    Originally P. anomioides was thought to be Pinctada radiata, and was not recognized as its own species. P. anomioides is primarily found on the shores of East Africa: Zanzibar, the Seychelles and Madagascar. It has also been found in East and Southeast Asia and the Gulf of al-Yaman.

    Distinguishing Characteristics
    The hinged teeth are absent upon initial inspection or very unpronounced. The shell valves are translucent and externally yellowish or grayish. The shells appear yellowish or grayish from the outside, but the pearls have a deep orange or violet color. There are faint radial markings on some shells and the nacre is slightly iridescent.

    Pearls of P. anomioides
    The pearls have never held presence in the Pearl Market.

    Common Synonyms P. placunoides (Reeve, 1857)
    P. concinna (Dunker, 1872)
    Popular Names P. anomioides is sometimes still confused with P. radiata
    Primary Source Indo Pacific Zone
    Other geographical locations East Africa, Zanzibar, the Seychelles, Madagascar, Indian Ocean along the Western Pacific
    Pinctada anomioides in Pearls Not used for pearl culture
    Habitat and Ecology P. anomioides have been found on the ridges of rocks or coral.

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