• Cultivating Pearls in the Gulf of Arabia

    Imagine a place where the finest natural pearls have been harvested and treasured for centuries and you might have an idea of how audacious and exciting it is for cultured pearls to be grown in the heart of this legendary natural pearl harvesting region. More importantly, pearls are farmed using the renowned Pinctada radiata oyster.

    Suwaidi Pearls farm, located in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

    The pearl farm was "established in 2005 by prominent Emirati Abdulla Al Suwaidi, and is the first farm of its kind in the Gulf region. We cultivate the Pinctada Radiata, otherwise know as the Gulf pearl oyster, using locally sourced mollusks that live in the natural creek in Al Rams."

    The operation will be expanded to five farms and is open for farm and laboratory tours, as well as pearl diving in the lagoon and pearl jewelry creation in their Pearl Art House.

    "From 2018 Suwaidi Pearls will be offering exclusive tours of the farm in Al Rams, giving the public a unique insight of the history and workings of our cultured pearl farm. Our state of the art laboratory will be open to the pubic, where you can see first hand the delicate seeding process of our cultured Gulf pearls."

    See video courtesy of The National

    And visit the Suwaidi Pearl Farm website to learn more.

    Blaire Beavers
    Managing Editor
    Pearl Guide News