• Revisiting Men in Pearls

    As a follow-up to The Time Has Come for Men in Pearls, we offer this summer's men in pearls and a little editorial commentary.

    At the Couture Show in Las Vegas, it seemed men couldn't wait to pose for photos. First, William Hanigan of Pinc Jewellery. He was already wearing these outstanding white South Sea pearls from Australia. I dare anyone to say he doesn't look entirely masculine.

    William was introduced to me by my friend Jacques Christophe Branellec. Jacques showed off a magnificent Jewelmer strand of golden South Sea pearls.

    Is it just me, or is he wearing this with more than a touch of fashionable swagger?

    Pearl-Guide.com forum member, Pearl Dreams, shows off her hubby on the way to a gem and mineral show. He rocks this colorful strand of Tahitian pearls.

    In fact, men can borrow pearls. A great guy doesn't mind watching the purse. Even better "hold my pearls" has never looked better than on Brad, who wears them with nonchalant attitude. Brad and the pearls were shared by forum member Purranha in her photo taken at the annual Pearl Guide Ruckus in Los Angeles.

    Kevin Canning of Pearls of Joy, Jeremy Shepherd of Pearl Paradise, and Josh Humbert of Kamoka Pearls wore plenty of pearls at the Ruckus in this photo taken by forum member Baby Love. Based on this photographic evidence, I would say that pearls can put anyone in a good mood.

    And here is the perfect example of strong pearls and affectionate manliness from forum member BlackPearlDudeDC.

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    Blaire Beavers
    Managing Editor
    Pearl Guide News