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    I must share a video clip from Kojima Pearl Company/Pacific Pearls in Tucson this year. Sometimes things are so lovely that you must not keep them to yourself!

    First a photo.

    And the treasure... ...
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    Fresh from being seen at the Pearl Guide Ruckus, one of several special harvest strands made by a renowned South Sea pearl producer for PearlParadise.com.

    Harvest strands are rope necklaces made up ...
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    It's been long enough that it can be easy to forget that brightly colored soufflé and metallic pearls were once a rarity.

    Those wild colors and mirror shine come from this hybrid mussel.

    Souffle' pearls ...
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    Many of our members collect pearls, but only a few collect natural pearls. Member Metzler is one whose flawless taste and intellectual curiosity turns super-rare natural pearls into exquisite jewels. ...
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    We can dream, can't we? This fabulous Utopia bracelet is designed to be beautiful from every angle. So glittery, and yet the pearls are the stars in this floral constellation.

    Seen at the 2015 Couture Show in Las Vegas.
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    I was reading an article about people not wanting to inherit their parent's or grandparent's furnishings and keepsakes. There is a growing distaste for "brown furniture", the kind of beautifully ornate dining sets ...
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    Conch pearls are just the thing for this luxurious golden butterfly presented by Tara Pearls and Rawat Gems. The wings sparkle with flush set gems and embedded conch pearls.

    You can ...
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    Feeling the love that emanates from the talented heart of Hisano Shepherd!

    Go to Facebook and show her some lurve by like-ing, love-ing and commenting!

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