• If Your Valentine is Rare...

    A rare natural pearl might not be the first thing you think of to celebrate a holiday, but you can bet no one else will have the same bragging rights as the person who gives a Tridacna gigas necklace.

    Pearls from the Tridacna gigas are typically not lustrous, but have a subtle glow. Commonly known as the Giant Clam, the shells can grow large enough to be used as baptismal fonts.

    Earrings made from Spondylus princeps pearls could be very complimentary. This spiny oyster is found off the coast of Ecuador. Indeed, early Andean peoples used the shells as offerings to the goddess Pachamama.

    And isn't Valentine's Day all about pleasing goddesses?

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    Shell photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    Blaire Beavers
    Managing Editor
    Pearl Guide News