• Hong Kong Super-Metallic Freshwaters

    There were many special pearls in the September Hong Kong show, but these remarkable metallic freshwater cultured pearls were at the top of my list. It would be fun to see the blue, green and rose overtones separated and matched.

    First photo with white background and strange show lighting that caused visible banding.

    Second photo with gray background and carried out to the vendor's own lighting. No banding, but each type of light brings out different aspects of the pearls. In person, they were screaming mirror balls of nacre, which wasn't quite captured with the camera.

    Sheri Jurnecka enjoyed sorting the best of the best out of a special lot for Pearl Paradise. There is sure to be a PP blog with some very special pieces made from these pearls.


    Blaire Beavers
    Managing Editor
    Pearl Guide News