• Flower Island, the Crown Jewel of Jewelmer

    Pearls of Joy posted a wonderful blog on Jewelmer's Flower Island and it was also published as an article in Jewelry News Asia. We are pleased to share our pictorial version of a pearl-lover's dream vacation.

    Alana and Kevin visit a Jewelmer farm.

    Alana Midlane and Kevin Canning from Pearls of Joy were at the September Hong Kong Gem Fair where they met with Jacques-Christophe Branellec at the Jewelmer booth. Jacques said that he liked what was being shared on Pearl Guide and that he had seen their pictures on the Pearls of Joy blog. He invited Alana and Kevin to attend the Jewelmer 35th Anniversary Gala in Manila and to visit a Jewelmer pearl farm near their Flower Island resort.

    Jewelmer's beautiful Gala was featured here and on the Pearls of Joy blog. The day after attending the gala, they flew to Puerto Princesa on Palawan Island and headed North to meet the boat to Flower Island.

    The friendly boat crew readies for the trip.

    One of the islands on the way to Flower Island.

    After a beautiful trip past many uninhabited islands, they arrived to a special welcome as all the staff came out to meet them with warm smiles and cold drinks. The island and resort were breathtakingly beautiful and pristine.

    The bar.

    Enjoying the scenery.

    They both took advantage of stand-up paddle-boarding to cruise around the island.

    Their beachfront cabin.

    When Kevin inquired about coconut water, they were immediately treated to coconut water fresh from the tree!

    Who would not be touched by the special pearl farm welcome that included their names?

    Farm staff at work.

    The farm beach - as beautiful as any resort.

    The helicopter pad.

    Inspecting juvenile shell during the growth period before maturity.

    Shell selected as a mantle tissue donor because of the golden lip.

    Young oysters slightly opened with wedges for the nucleation operation.

    Steady hands and meticulous skills are required to be a grafter.

    Harvesting what Jewelmer is known-for - a perfect rich gold pearl!

    Here is a pearl with a strong green overtone.

    No treatment needed - naturally beautiful with just a rinse.

    As avid snorkelers, Kevin and Alana spent time appreciating the abundant sea life surrounding the farm.

    Unspoiled beauty.

    After enjoying a relaxing end to their visit, they agreed that they would return to the amazing Flower Island of Jewelmer.

    For more commentary, please read the original Pearls of Joy blog here.

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