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    Federico Barlocher is an adventurous international dealer in fine gems and mineral specimens, but I like to think of him as the Melo Man. No one has more lovely Melo Melo pearls than Federico Barlocher.

    This amazing pearl has everything ? strong color and a ?ring of fire? flame pattern in combination with a semi-transparent center that displays beautiful plumes. Although these natural pearls are very rare, they occasionally can be very large and round.

    More unusual, is a matched pair. The next two photos are the front and back views of the same pair, showing an enchanting variation in pattern.

    The Melo Melo, or Indian Volute, comes from the Volutidae family of gastropods. The shells are known as Bailer, or Baler, as they were so large that they were used to bail out small boats. These Melos are most likely from Vietnam and are only found in Southeast Asia.

    Technically, because they are not nacreous, from a gemological standpoint they should be called calcareous concretions, but the overwhelming majority of people refer to them as pearls.

    And here are more photographs from Mr. Barlocher:

    Not round, but top color and glossy surface make this one a winner.

    A flame that resembles some conch pearls.

    Some people prefer lighter colors.

    These wondrous orbs put me in mind of orange planets.

    And here is a whole constellation of stars on an orange field.

    Sizes range from 38 to 87 carats.

    Federico generously shares knowledge with others interested in gems and minerals on Facebook and on You Tube
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