• Natural Pearls - Monili Fine Jewelry

    Five years ago, I had the pleasure to see and photograph several pieces of finely crafted jewelry that featured natural pearls. This was at a time when precious metal prices were rising to unforeseen heights and the recession was sending luxury spending to new lows.

    So, admire the jewelry maker that did what was right ? honored the natural pearl by giving it its proper setting ? 18K gold, platinum, and fine diamonds, executed by the finest craftspeople in the jewelry industry.

    I hope you will enjoy these photographs of creations from Monili Fine Jewelry.

    First, a red conch pearl and diamond ring

    A mixed natural-pearl ring

    What could go better with conch pearls than orchids?

    A close-up to appreciate the flame pattern in the pearl?

    And one with a natural blue pearl, perhaps a mussel pearl?

    Monili Fine Jewelry can be seen at Tresor in Montecito, California, or online at www.monili.com

    Blaire Beavers