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    Pearl World Journal

    Devoted to covering the pearl industry, Pearl World: The International Pearling Journal is the only English language publication of its kind. For 17 years the journal has covered every aspect of the pearling industry, from harvests, production, auctions, wholesaling, and education, to retail designing end consumer marketing.

    The Publication

    The journal is published solely for those interested in pearls, worldwide. Subscribers include producers and processors, exporters and importers, wholesalers and retailers, appraisers and even consumers. Each issue covers the recent events that are continuously shaping and reshaping the industry, and that produce the forces that affect the changing values of the primary market commodities.

    The Research

    Pearl World correspondents cover the globe to take readers behind the scenes to find out what's really happening in the industry, with the purpose of presenting pearl news clearly, concisely, accurately, and (most importantly) unbiasedly. Each issue contains a wealth of vital information: updated statistics, recent market developments, reports on auctions, interviews and opinions with and from industry leaders, results of trade fairs and exhibits, new products and processes, the language and history of pearling, design contests, inspection and export formalities, market trends, and more.
    Whatever is happening in the pearling industry, wherever it takes place, Pearl World is there!

    Subscription Rates
    The journal is published and shipped quarterly.

    • $130 for annual domestic subscription
    • $140 for annual Canada/Mexico subscription
    • $150 for annual International subscription
    • $10 - $17.50 per requested back issue
    • $125 for annual PDF Delivery
      - PDF recipients receive one free issue per annual subscription

    To Subscribe or Advertise in Pearl World
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    E-mail: PearlWorldJournal@gmail.com